Chin filler injection is an aesthetic method designed to address issues such as a recessed or short chin, fostering facial symmetry without the need for surgery. With years of experience in the field of Internal Aesthetics, the physicians at Vanity ensure customers attain perfect beauty while maintaining the utmost natural appearance.

1. Insights into Chin Filler Injection Method cằm?

Chin filler injection involves enhancing the chin by injecting hyaluronic acid into the body. This non-surgical method minimizes invasion into the body, offering a straightforward approach.

Although a simple and easily performed method, it is crucial for individuals to choose reputable aesthetic facilities to avoid unwarranted risks.

2. Advantages of Chin Filler Injection

  • Creating a V-line face without surgery

Chin filler injection sculpts the chin, delivering a refined and sharp face without the need for surgery, ensuring safety without intrusion.

  • Quick implementation, no downtime

Achieving a trendy V-line chin takes approximately 10 minutes, and there is no recovery time needed, unlike surgical methods.

  • Scar-free

The filler, injected with a tiny needle, eliminates the need for incisions, ensuring no unsightly scars and preserving aesthetic appeal.

  • Natural beauty, no stiffness

The injected filler thickens the tissue, allowing comfortable movement while maintaining a natural appearance.

3. Duration of Nose Filler Substance

Typically, the effectiveness of chin filler injections lasts from 1 to 2 years. The duration may extend if individuals adhere to the physician's instructions. After this period, the chin will gradually return to its original shape, prompting individuals to consider additional filler injections to maintain their desired profile.

4. Appropriate Candidates

Who should consider this procedure?

  • Individuals aged 18 and above
  • Those with a short or recessed chin
  • Those desiring chin enhancement without surgery

5. Standard Safe Chin Filler Injection Procedure at Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic?

  • Examination and consultation

The physician assesses the chin's condition and recommends the most suitable method.

  • Sanitization of the treatment area

Cleaning and sanitizing the treatment area ensure a smooth and bacteria-free procedure.

  • Local anesthesia application

Administering local anesthesia ensures the patient's comfort during the injection process.

  • Chin filler injection

The physician injects the filler to shape the chin according to the predetermined positions, delivering optimal results.

  • At-home care guidance

Post-procedure, patients receive instructions for at-home care to maintain long-term results.

EXCLUSIVE At Vanity, customers can preview specific outcomes through our exclusive 3D camera technology from the UK, ensuring nearly 100% confidence in the anticipated results.


6. Considerations for Chin Filler Injection

6.1 Before Chin Filler Injection

  • Refrain from smoking before the procedureRefrain from smoking before the procedure.
  • Maintain a relaxed mental state
  • Avoid alcohol, beer, or stimulants a month before the injection
  • Ensure proper nutrition intake
  • Ensure good health before the procedure

6.2 After Chin Filler Injection

  • Limit engaging in sports, especially swimming
  • Follow the prescribed medication regimen
  • Apply hot or cold compresses for the initial 1-3 days to reduce swelling
  • Attend regular follow-up appointments
  • Avoid consuming foods that may impact recovery
  • Limit strenuous activities
  • Moderate rest
  • Regularly cleanse the area with saline solution or distilled water
  • Supplement body with nutrients
  • Stay well-hydrated
Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty Clinic utilizes 100% authentic, imported products directly from the US, specifically the FDA-certified Juvéderm filler Dr. Andy, the first Vietnamese doctor certified by the UK Medical Council, oversees the procedure with a success record of over 10,000 cases, ensuring strict adherence to the Health Ministry's protocols to prevent unwanted complications post-treatment.